Hybrid Automation is a

Professional Assisted Living Solutions Provider


Hybrid Automation home automation technology enables people with disabilities to enjoy a significantly greater level of independence. 


Many people can now enjoy staying in their own home, performing many daily tasks via their Home Automation system using a smart phone or tablet


Examples of tasks that can be easily carried out via a Smart Phone or tablet may include:

  • Opening and closing doors

  • Locking and unlocking doors and windows

  • Opening and closing blinds

  • Answering doorbells

  • Turning appliances On & Off

  • Turning lights On & Off & Dimming

  • Turning heating and cooling On & Off

  • Voice activation option

  • Easily communicate with support centres in the event of an emergency

Hybrid Automation’s Home Automation is retrofittable to existing homes

Single button solutions enable a number of tasks to be performed with a single touch.


For example, a “LEAVE HOME” button can close doors and windows, turn off lights, turn off heating/cooling and lock the front door.


If you would like to learn more about how Assisted Living can support you or your client’s projects, please call or email us using the Contact link below